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You might be a LEO if...

Posted by Staff Writer on

A recent survey conducted with the LEO Affairs and Police Blotter audiences drew one indisputable conclusion; LEOs have a good sense of humor. Here's the top 10 user submitted "you might be a LEO if.." comments.


1.  Your blood is actually caffeine.

2.  Your spouse talks to you using the 10-code system.

3.  You have to buy stronger hangers.


4.  You're an adult and still have to ask permission to go to the restroom.

5.   The person marrying you handcuffs you to your bride.

Christina & Wayne Wedding Day-189

6.  You've trained your wife to say "clear right" when you're just running errands off-duty.

7.  You might be a female LEO if you've dropped your belt keepers down the toilet more times than you can count.

8.  You won't eat at certain places because you've arrested workers there.

9.  If you accidentally left your Smith and Wesson handcuffs on the bathroom counter and put the pink furry ones in you handcuff case.

10.  You might be a LEO wife if your husband uses the whole mantle for his police cars.





And these came in via the Police Blotter Facebook page



- You alway unfasten your seat belt just before you arrive at your destination, even when off duty.

-You automatically reach for your air horn or siren in your personal vehicle

-You might be an LEO if you simply cannot eat a meal as slowly as everyone else, even on your days off.

-Your spouse knows your best friends only by last name

-You might be a FEMALE LEO if you choose your purses based on whether your off-duty gun will fit with easy access to it.....

-You smack your left nipple every day off duty whenever you need a to write/sign something.





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