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Watch The New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Upcoming WWII Movie “Dunkirk”

Posted by Chris Jones on

Last week, Warner Bros. released the new trailer for its upcoming World War II film “Dunkirk,” telling the story of the Dunkirk evacuation also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, where allied soldiers were surrounded by German forces during the Battle of France. The latest trailer for the film, which is written and directed by Christopher Nolan, was released in conjunction with Marvel’s new “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” which hit theaters Thursday evening.

In order to survive during the Dunkirk evacuation, British Expeditionary Force General John Vereker said the best course of action to take was to withdraw to Dunkirk and evacuate along the English Channel. The battle and evacuation lasted from May 26 to June 4. More than 338,000 soldiers were rescued over the course of the eight days of evacuation.

More than 68,000 BEF troops were lost during the French campaign and they had to abandon almost all of their equipment and tanks. Then-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the campaign “a colossal military disaster,” but also a “miracle.”

The movie is set to come out in summer 2017.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below:


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